Argenta Pivotica AX PRO - Invisible pivot hinge for pivoting doors up to 100kg

Thanks to it's compact size Argenta Pivotica AX Pro is not only easy to mount in the door, the pivot hinge can also be installed in pivoting floor-to-ceiling-height doors because the pivot system is placed inside the door, the Argenta Pivotica AX Pro can be used in both new construction and renovation and it is suitable for floors with underfloor heating.

The door can be opened in both directions and has a holding position at 90 degrees. Due to the active dampers, the door always closes perfectly to zero so it remains in line with the wall. This keeps the sleek design of the wall guaranteed. Argenta Pivotica AX Pro meets the EN 1154 standard for door closers.

The Argenta Pivotica AX Pro is also available in a 30 minutes fire rated model with the relevant intumescent kit. (Please call our sales office for more information on 01733 896123). This item can only be used on a fire door if you have an electromagnet holder fitted at 80 degrees to prevent the pivot from reaching the 90 degrees hold open position.

Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Invisible
  • Active damper with 2 speed control
  • Adjustable bottom plate:
    • Width adjustment: -3 / +3 mm
    • Depth adjustment: -3 / +3 mm
    • Alignment: -4 / +4 mm
  • Suitable for floor-to-ceiling-height doors
  • Invisible door closer
  • Easy installation
  • Free choice of rotating position (Hinge point)
  • Adjustable outlining (Straight outlining)
  • Fixed settings at -90 degrees / 0 degrees / 90 degrees
  • Child friendly (Easy to open)
  • Pivot system to be mounted in the door panel and not (As usual) in the floor or ceiling

Door dimensions

  • Max. Door weight - 100kg
  • Max. Door width - 1000mm
  • Max. Door height - 3000mm
  • Minimum Door thickness - 40mm


Technical Datasheet

Declaration of Performance
  • Brand: Argenta
  • Product Code: PIVOTICA-AX-PRO
  • Availability: Out Of Stock